The MN Wine Club

The MN Wine Club


Holiday 92+ under $20 wine pairing class.

Saturday Nov 14, 7 PM

North Metro

As the holidays approach comes the end to another year we all wanted to learn about great wines and perhaps have not. Ellen and I have run wine clubs and have been getting educated about wines and food for the past ten years. When life is normal we attend about six tastings a month and go to about 40 new restaurants a year. We may not be experts but we taste weekly and we’ll share what we know.

Starting in November we would like again to host small wine pairing educational parties every other month or so. We have hosted and attended a lot of wine tasting/pairing events and know what works and not works and why.

We have found a few things we have found as basic requirements for us.

  1. We will pick & buy the wines. We like wines rated 92+ so OTHERS believe they are good too. We may or may not like them but some wine expert liked them. 92+ is about the top 5% of wines.
  2. We want wines under $20, in this case, wines we can bring/afford to bring to holiday events and impress our friends.  92+ under $20 is 1% of the wines.
  3. We pair food with wine, because that is how MOST wine is designed to be drank with a certain type of food. And you will learn about food & where to buy it.
  4. We would like to supply everything so you just pay $25 each and not have to pick & buy a wine or prepare food.
  5. Lastly we would like our events to be educational. We only expect our attendees can simply pass the visual wine Rougue/Blanc test…. (hint visual red/white)


Other then that we have found the wine quest many of us are on can be life changing. Wine is about History and History is about wine… it’s fascinating.

So here’s how our wine tastings work. Sign-up and pay $25 a piece, but ONLY do so if you can attend. That is refundable seven days before that start of the event. If you cancel, next time you sign-up you will go on the waiting list, we absolutely hate people that cancel, it costs us $ and is frustrating.

We host within about five minutes from 35W & 694 in the North metro the actual address of that nights tasting will be emailed to the attendees the week of the event.

We will limit our tastings to 25 people, that’s one bottle of wine with 1 ounce tastings. In this case Minnesota limits parties to 20 so that will be our limit.

Masks are up to you. If  you are overly touchy about masks this is perhaps not an event for you.

We’ll talk about wines, grapes, reading bottles, pairing food and dozens of other things related to wine & food.

The event will last about two hours, so we’ll be done by 9 PM. You will get six once ounce pours of six different wines. Basically one small glass of wine over two hours, nothing to get drunk on.

The dress of the attendees is what you will find at any restaurant in town clean shirt & blue jeans or better. We are professionals and simply expect the same from you.

If you know nothing about wine and desire to learn you are welcome. If you have been into wine for years, we have 92+ great wines and great food, you will enjoy it.

If you have any questions please contact us at

Hope to see you at our events, now or in the future,

Dennis & Ellen
The MN Wine Club

Click on the link below to sign-up:

Parley Lake Winery Fall Festival

8280 Parley Lake Rd, Waconia, MN 55387

Saturday Oct 3th, 2020, 1 PM

Parley Lake Winery Website

Google map to Parley Lake Winery

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Email us if you desire us to contact you when they are posted.

Dennis & Ellen

The MN Wine Club, PO Box 120089, St Paul, MN 55112